Homeless’ Beggar with £300k Flat Banned from Putney

A pretend homeless beggar is actually living in a £300,000 flat in Fulham, magistrates have been told.
Simon Wright is spending all his day sitting next to an ATM machine near Putney Station demanding money from customers and casual passers. The only difference with other beggars is that at the end of the day Mr. Wright would find comfort in his top price flat, known by the cleaners in Wandsworth.

However, his aggressive fleecing has brought attention and a neighbourhoods ward team has notified the authorities, bringing his beggar's days to an end.
Mr Wright has been diagnosed with anti-social behaviour order (asbo).

Bans have been issued preventing him from visiting Putney and Roehampton and prohibiting him from begging anywhere in London.

He was also prohibited to exercise any aggressive behaviour or issue threats towards any person.
Until May 2015 he should not breach the orders or he will risk to be imprisoned.